10 Reasons Why Luxury Vacation Home Owners Trust Their Investment to Opulent Vacations

One of the most important decisions you can make regarding your vacation home is which professional property management company to use. We know that discerning owners of luxury vacation homes carefully consider who to trust with the care of their home. Here are 10 reasons why so many of these luxury homeowners choose Opulent Vacations over the competition.
Luxury Home Portfolio – Opulent Vacations has a broad selection of the finest luxury vacation rentals in four amazing destinations: Park City, UT; Aspen/Snowmass, CO; Jackson Hole, WY; and Anguilla (Caribbean). Currently, we manage a portfolio of over 100 luxury vacation properties that exceed $250 million in value and command average nightly rates reaching as high as $10,000 a night.
Competitive Owner Split / Early Payment – Opulent Vacations’s owner splits are highly competitive in their respective markets and offer an unmatched value when you calculate all the extras we offer. In addition to a competitive split, we also have options for early payments, so you’ll have access to your rental revenue sooner than with one of our competitors.
Professional Reservation Team – We employ a top-notch staff of Guest Experience Coordinators who are highly trained in planning a complete vacation experience for our guests.
Proven Rental Income – Opulent Vacations has a solid track record of maximizing rental revenue for its clients.
Online Owner Portals – Opulent Vacations has invested in industry-leading technology that allows each one of our owners to access their own personal online portal, where they can view their statements, check their calendars and make their own bookings in real time.
Monthly Owner Statements – Every month, Opulent Vacations gives its owners a detailed breakdown of how their home performed that month. These breakdowns cover rental revenue, splits, reservations, utilities paid, maintenance expenses, account balance and more. These statements are also archived for easy access to each owner’s online portal.
Seasonal Deep Cleans – All of our homes receive top-to-bottom deep cleans seasonally, in addition to regular cleanings and inspections before and after reservations.
Post-Departure Audits – We inspect our homes both before AND after every reservation to ensure your valuable investment is protected.
Professional Property Maintenance Team – The level of luxury homes in our inventory command impeccable care by professionals. Our professional property maintenance team ensures that your vacation home is always 100% operational.
Marketing – Opulent Vacations takes a broad, multi-channel approach to marketing. Our multi-faceted approach includes regular search engine optimization, search engine marketing, twice monthly marketing campaigns that go out to thousands of past guests, active social media channels, and regular blogging efforts. Additionally, our website provides guests with the fastest and easiest way to find their next vacation rental.
If you’d like to learn more about having your home managed by Opulent Vacations, visit the Owner Services page to get started.