Anguilla – The Idyllic Getaway for 2015

With New Year’s Day just behind us, now’s the time to reflect on the past and look toward the future. A top resolution on our list this year is to spend time in 2015 traveling! Whether going on a short weekend getaway to visit family or friends, or taking a weeks’ long trip to an island oasis, a vacation is a perfect goal to have for a new year.
High on our “must-visit” travel destinations is the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Just imagine a wide expanse of blue sky, azure blue waters, white sands, and listening to the sounds of the waves surrounded by your loved ones and you’re there. Known for its pristine beaches and coral reefs, Anguilla is dotted with several smaller islands, most available for a quick afternoon excursion for some beach-time solitude. Though the best time to visit Anguilla is mid-July to August, the next best time would be November to December. It is not very hot and never cold!
The team at Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes is here to help you plan the perfect 2015 getaway to Anguilla. We have an excellent selection of luxury rentals on the island, many beachside and all with gorgeous views. Whether you’re interested in a resort, condo, or private home, our team at Opulent Vacations can find the perfect fit for you.
CèBlue is our luxury boutique resort on the hillside at Crocus Bay and offers an idyllic stay as your home away from home. The vast expanse of the ocean and the palm fringed beaches with tiny bobbing yachts at a distance all make for a magnificent panoramic view. CèBlue offers an elegant exterior and beautiful surroundings. It is designed in such a way that it blends totally with the traditional Angullian design, yet features all the modern amenities that you could wish for. The spacious rooms make sure that you will not miss even a moment of the most amazing view that nature offers throughout your stay. Whether you want to curl up in the entertainment room, create a sumptuous meal for your loved ones, or visit the in-house restaurant, Blue Bar, at CèBlue there is something for every age group.
Amenities at CèBlue include an outdoor pool, where you can laze around the whole day or sit on the deck and watch the ocean waves. For those who are health conscious, there is a very well equipped gym. For children, there are board games, foosball tables, darts, and so on. You can shop at our in-house boutique for those lovely, light summer wear dresses or go in for those colorful swimsuits. You can even shop for little trinkets and jewelry. The list is endless. To top it all off, our helpful staff is there at the press of a button, catering to your every whims and fancies.
Anguilla offers many fun outdoor activities. For all those waterbodies who love watersports there is water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing, snorkeling, kayaking and so on. Private boats can be chartered for excursions to Iguana Island, Prickly Pear Cays, or Sandy Islands where you can lose yourself in the serene surroundings of Anguilla.
For those who love the outdoors and are sports enthusiasts, you can watch boat racing (the national sport), and if you are lucky you can get to watch sailing regattas too! You can go biking and explore and unravel the mysteries of this island. Other sports you can find include golfing, cricket, and beach volleyball.
If you are a nature lover, you can try and spot exotic birds and insects, capture nature in its myriad hues and tints on your camera, or just trek and unravel the mysteries of Anguilla.
This perfect harmony between the picturesque beauties of Anguilla together with the hospitality of CèBlue – a Utopian Luxury Vacation Boutique Resort – promises to be your perfect getaway and — as the name Utopian suggests — your ideal destination. Come and create that magical moment with your loved ones that will forever be etched in your memory for a lifetime with us at Anguilla.

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