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Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes is now Opulent Vacations

February 24, 2020 by Lindy

We are thrilled to announce that some exciting changes are coming to Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes!

Starting February 26th, 2020, our company will have a new name – Opulent Vacations. Along with this name change, there will also be enhancements to the high-end luxury experiences that we provide to our owners and our guests. Below we have outlined why we have made these changes and what it means for the exciting future of our company. 

Why Opulent Vacations? 

Opulent better reflects the caliber of the homes that we represent and the quality of the locations that our curators continue to add to our collection. “Opulent” also speaks to the custom services that we have, and will continue to expand on for our guests. In a nutshell, we decided that this new name does a better job of showcasing what we offer and the ways in which our brand is growing. 

Changes like this provide the opportunity to refocus on the exceptional products and services that we provide to our homeowners and our guests. Under the name Opulent Vacations, we will continue to move our luxury offerings into new markets. 

We look forward to continue working for you in providing luxury home rentals and helping you to create unique, customized vacation experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Changing and What is Not

Our new name is Opulent Vacations. This specifically includes our visual representation including items like logo design, color palette, website URL, and social media handles.

We will continue operating with our world class team and continue representing luxury vacation homes with a priority on white glove services. This is all to provide owners and guests with unparalleled experiences. 

We will continue to: 

  • Have entire teams dedicated to overseeing your property full-time
  • Work with vetted businesses and vendors local to your property
  • Check your home before and after each stay
  • Add value to the guest experience with our complimentary Concierge Services with every stay
  • Provide support to market each property with a tailored strategy created by our in-house team

What This Means for Opulent Vacations Owners

Starting on February 26, 2020, all of the correspondence between us will be under the name Opulent Vacations. Your vacation home will be marketed under the name Opulent Vacations as well. Our dedicated care and curated marketing of your home will continue and get even better in the coming months. Keep an eye out for emails explaining new services and features we will be offering. 

What This Means for Opulent Vacations Guests

Beginning on February 26, 2020, you will book all upcoming stays through the new Opulent Vacations website. All of the communication regarding previous and upcoming stays with us will be under the name Opulent Vacations as well. Keep an eye out for emails explaining new and exciting services that we will be providing to vacation guests in the future. 

Our Vision Moving Forward 

Owners can look forward to their homes always being marketed with an emphasis on desirable locations and luxurious homes.

Guests can continue to expect the best selection of vacation rental homes as well as concierge services that allow you to customize your vacation experience. 

For more information on the Concierge Services we provide, take a look at the following blogs:

Opulent Vacations is more than just luxury rental homes, we pride ourselves on offering a white glove experience. 



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