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If you’ve looked at travel in Belize, chances are that you’ve heard of The Great Blue Hole. This incomparable natural wonder draws tourists from all around the globe. With the very first submersible dive to the bottom of the hole in 2018, we are just beginning to learn the secrets of this underwater cave. There are so many ways to enjoy this vibrant ocean sinkhole. Go diving, snorkeling, or take a heil tour. The Great Blue Hole is yet another example of the many incredible opportunities for exploration and adventure in Belize. Continue reading to find out why the Great Blue Hole is worth traveling for.


Located at the center of Lighthouse Reef is the world-famous Blue Hole Natural Monument. The turquoise surface spans an almost perfect 1000 foot circle and is over 430 feet deep. Divers from around the world are drawn 60-miles off the coast for the opportunity to experience the unique geological structures that make up the underwater cavern. Due to the depth of the dive, glimpses of the underwater stalagmites are reserved for experienced divers only.


Two people snorkeling around a coral reef
Snorkeling is available for less experienced enthusiasts. From the shoals, you can enjoy the rich marine habitat home to nurse sharks, reef sharks, blacktip sharks, and even giant groupers. Most day trips to the monument include excursions to the surrounding Barrier Reef. Everyone in your group, no matter their skill level, can find something to marvel at while visiting this singular attraction.

Helicopter Tours:

Helicopter flying over the great blue hole in Belize
Get incredible aerial views of Belize’s Great Blue Hole on a helicopter tour! A boat ride to the underwater cave can take several hours and if you don’t enjoy snorkeling or diving you will end up doing a lot of waiting on deck. Save time and get a much better view from the air on an 80-minute flight. You will get to see the Great Blue Hole and the surrounding Belize Barrier Reef.


The great blue hole in Belize
The recent exploration to the bottom of The Great Blue Hole revealed key insights into its origins. Giant stalactites and dripstone sheets can be found inside. Scientists believe this shows that the Blue Hole is made up of caves that were originally formed on dry land. Incredibly, this fully submerged pool was once a land-based sinkhole. Because of its unique beginnings and uncommon geological structure, The Great Blue Hole in Belize is sure to be on traveler’s bucket lists for years to come.

The Great Blue Hole is one of the seven wonders of Belize’s World Heritage site. This incredible country makes conservation of its natural resources a priority so that locals, travelers, and experts from around the world can continue to enjoy and discover for generations to come.

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