Five Things to Look For in a Luxury Vacation Rental Management Company

If you’re thinking about renting out your luxury home in 2015 or are reevaluating your current property manager, here are few things to look for in a top-notch luxury-focused management company.
1. Comprehensive Services
You likely didn’t buy your luxury vacation rental because you wanted to spend hours managing it. You probably bought it as an escape from your busy life. You worked hard to earn your luxury rental. Why should you have to work even harder now that you have it? With a top-notch vacation rental management company, the only time you’ll need to put into your luxury home is the time you spend there on vacation. A good company will take care of everything else.
As second homeowners we know how hard you worked to obtain your residence and the importance of working with a company that takes as much care with your investment as you have taken in securing it. Whether your home is currently set up as a vacation rental or you are simply looking to improve the return on your investment, choosing to entrust your home to a professional management team is an important decision. We are happy to work with you in making the most of your vacation home, and it is our hope that with your residence under Utopian care you’ll be able to enjoy your home more than ever before.
2. Customer Service
The luxury industry is a high-touch industry. Luxury guests pay more and expect more. So, if you’re going to put your property into the hands of a manager, they better understand the value of consistently delivering amazing customer service.
After booking, our dedicated Guest Experience Coordinators take over to ensure our guests receive exemplary service. Travelers dependent on experts to reduce complexity and ensure service-rich experiences will find help with Utopian. We provide highly personalized experiences that go beyond what 5-star hotels can provide. The essence of Utopian lies in our people. We are tireless in our pursuit of providing customized travel experiences using the resources and relationships of our Guest Experience Coordinators.
3. Inventory
One way to judge a luxury vacation rental management company is to look at the inventory they currently manage. If you own a high-caliber home, you want your property to be listed alongside other homes in the same category. Furthermore, you want to know that the management company has experience caring for homes of this caliber. The easiest way to find this out to look at the other homes listed in the manager’s current inventory.
4. Marketing
In order to a get a strong return on investment, you need to ensure that your luxury home is not only rented often, but rented at a competitive rate. Higher occupancy and higher average nightly rates equate to more rental revenue and more return on investment. A good luxury vacation rental management company will have a strong marketing presence and will know how to target those luxury travelers that can afford your home.
5. Technology
One of the most important things a luxury management company will need to have is good technology. Good technology spans multiple areas. First, the company needs to have a top-notch website, where guests can shop and even book a property online. Next, the company needs good software to manage all aspects of their operations from reservations to housekeeping and maintenance to accounting. And finally, the company should use technology to make your life more convenient. Many good management companies have online portals just for owners, where they can make their own reservations online, view their home’s occupancy calendars, bring up owner statements, and generate reports on how their properties are performing.
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Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes specializes in the handling the top tier of the nation’s most exclusive vacation homes. Currently, our portfolio of luxury vacation homes exceeds $100 million and commands average nightly rates reaching as high as $15,000.
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