Opulent Access™

Because you are a part of the Opulent Vacations Family and we want you to be Opulent where you live too, we have your access VIP Premium Tickets. Tickets include access to VIP entrances, exclusive clubs, in-seat food and beverage service, Premier Level concessions & merchandise, premium parking and the best views in the arena! We are pleased to bring you special opportunities to enjoy luxury entertainment, right in your own backyard at Los Angeles’s premier stadium, Crypto.com Arena. 

View From The Opulent Seats

Premium Benefits

These premium seats include:

  • Access to one of 2 VIP Entrances
  • Preferred Parking
  • In-Seat service (Premier Seat guests are the ONLY fans in the arena that receive in-seat food and beverage service)
  • Premier Level Concessions & Merchandise which includes shorter lines and more high-end food and liquor selections on your private Suite Level A
  • Access to The San Manuel Club (full-service restaurant and bar located on Suite Level A)
  • Access to the Lexus Club, an intimate members-only private club
  • All of this in addition to some of the best seats and views in Crypto.com stadium

Tickets to individual events, at our cost, to upcoming Lakers, Clippers, Kings, and all concerts are now available to our Opulent family.  These tickets will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To inquire about ticket pricing and availability, please email CryptoArena@opulentvacations.com and one of our 5-star service coordinators will contact you.