Private Chefs, Grocery Delivery Services Accent Opulent Vacations's Incredible Lineup of Vacation Rental Guest Services

A true dream vacation allows you to trade in the stresses of everyday life for an idyllic lifestyle in a beautiful destination. For many travelers, grocery shopping and meal prep are not something they dream of doing on vacation. We understand this at Opulent Vacations and have services in place to ensure you’ll never have to step foot in a grocery store or turn on an oven – unless you want to.
Whether it’s having groceries delivered right to your luxury home or booking a private chef for a meal you’ll never forget, Opulent Vacations has you covered.
To learn more about these services, read on below or contact one of our highly-trained Guest Experience Coordinators at (866) 675-5455.

Grocery Delivery

When you’re on vacation you want to take a break from all that is routine and indulge in the activities Park City has to offer. Who doesn’t want to do away with mundane tasks like creating shopping lists and grocery shopping? But what if you want to take advantage of your high-end kitchen appliances and create beautiful meals for your family? Now you can have it both by looking no further than the experts at Stacey’s Grocery Services.
This local service provider helps you order from a vast range of grocery items, be it local and organic foods, spirits and beer, and kosher food. Orders can be placed either online or by requesting a phone call through our Guest Experience Coordinators. You will find that the moment you land at your vacation home, your order will already be stocked neatly in your kitchen! Any specialty requests are duly taken care of; it is the commitment that you can expect from this service provider.
Apart from getting the highest quality food at Stacey’s, this group of professional extreme couponers – with over 10 years of experience – will get the best deals for you. They are familiar with places where sales are happening, where one can get better bargains and so on. They make use of manufacturer and store coupons or even digital coupons, be it at Smith’s or at Whole Foods or any of the local grocery stores.

Private Chefs

Say you want to have a meal at home, but don’t feel like spending your time cooking. Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes has strong relationships with multiple private chefs in Park City for this very purpose! Once your groceries are taken care of by the professionals, hire a personal chef to complete your experience! We suggest Katy Monti with Sweet and Salty SLC. Whether you’re looking for day-to-day cooking or a one-time experience for a special occasion, Katy Monti will help you with the planning and preparation of the menu. If you wish, you can plan a custom made menu or a thematic menu with the chef and get the food tailor made for the occasion.
Another benefit of Sweet and Salty is the option to get hands-on training! If you’ve always dreamed of creating your own gourmet meal but weren’t sure how, Katy Monti is the person to help you whip up the perfect dream meal you’ve been envisioning.

Book Your Hassle Free Vacation

So what are you waiting for? You can book your dream vacation right now with Opulent Vacations. Stay in any of our luxury vacation rentals, and while you are relaxing and unwinding, a team of professionals will be making sure that you have a getaway you will remember for years to come.
We offer an array of luxury properties for you to choose from – be it well-appointed condos, ski-in/ski-out vacation homes or luxury penthouses. Our team strives to give you that perfect vacation and cater to your every whim, so you can have the dream holiday you have always wanted.
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