Reasons why Belize is the place to be

Belize once was a traveler’s best-kept secret. As the country begins to embrace luxury travel more and more wanderers are being drawn to the pristine sands and azure waters of this Central American oasis. Despite its rise in popularity, Belize has maintained authenticity, showcasing its vibrant cultures and protecting the natural resources that make this country special. From snorkeling amidst the longest intact coral reef in the world to zip-lining through a tropical rain forest, here are a few reasons why traveling to Belize should be on the top of your vacation list.
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World Class Snorkeling and Diving: 

The Great Barrier Reef runs the length of Belize and is the world’s largest living connected reef. A huge variety of marine life has made the Coral Reef home. Labeled a National World Heritage Site, the reef is protected as a Marine Reserve making it one of the most lively diving spots in the world. With diving attractions such as the Great Blue Hole, the Turneffe Atolls, and hundreds of amazing dive sites all along the barrier reef, Belize is a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise.  Come swim with schools of colorful fish, nurse sharks, and loggerhead turtles, or, head down south to Placencia in June, and dive with the Whale Sharks.


Belize boasts over 600 species of birds varying from the Rosario Spoonbill, Great Jabiru Stork and Keel-Billed Toucan to 26 species of hummingbirds. This fabulous destination is perfect for anyone from day trip amateurs to avid bird enthusiasts wanting that perfect shot. Expert guides for all levels are ready to help check off the blank pages of your Audubon book. Stroll through winding trails, take in the tropical landscape and get a little bit closer to the wildlife that makes this region unique.
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The People & Culture

Belize is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities such as the Garifuna, the Mennonite, Mestizo, Maya, and the Creole. The different languages, cultural food and vibrant cultures are apparent in their many colorful and lively festivals such as March’s International Costa Maya Festival. A smile comes easy for most residents, and a helpful hand or advice is always readily available. The warmth and hospitality of the Belizean people continue to be a driving force that keeps many visitors coming back.

Tropical Rainforest:

Belize is home to what may be considered the largest untouched rain forest within Central America. Guided tours are easily available all throughout the country. Home to towering waterfalls, raging rivers, streams, untouched cave systems, and dense protected jungles, there is plenty of adventure and still so much yet to be discovered about this pristine landscape.
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Belize is touted as having some of the best fishing tours in the world. Deep-sea for Tuna, Maceral, Mahi, reef fish for that perfect Snapper. Fly fish the tropical rivers for Bonefish and Tarpon, or, take a leisurely river trip through the tropical rain forest. We have it all just waiting for you to come and play!

Adventure excursions:

See the rain forest from above the canopy, zip-lining from tree to tree over streams or see the amazing cave systems revered as the Mayan underworld. There are many ways to explore Belize and experience it’s endless options for adventure. Tour the jungle by horseback or ATV hundreds of miles of trails then cool off in any of several Kayak or Canoe tour.
With so many options, Belize is perfect for a Utopian luxury getaway to relax and truly experience another world. From helicopter adventures to laid back river tubing, there is something for everyone to enjoy on your trip to this exotic destination.

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