The Top 5 Advantages of Luxury Ski-In / Ski-Out Vacation Rental Homes

To learn more, check out our list below of the top five advantages of ski-in/ski-out vacation rental homes.
1. Location – Ski-in/ski-out homes are generally right on the slopes. At the very least, they’re so close to the slopes that you can literally ski right to a lift from the door of the house.
2. No Carrying Equipment – Staying in a ski-in/ski-out home means you walk out the door, click into your bindings and slide out onto the snow and downhill to a nearby lift. And, after a long day of slicing through fresh powder, you can slide right into your home, get out of your bindings and walk in the door. No need to carry your equipment anywhere.
3. No Walking – When you stay in a ski-in/ski-out home, the farthest you have to walk is from your bed to the front door (or wherever you keep your ski equipment).
4. Head Start – In many cases, ski-in/ski-out homes can give you a head start, so you can be one of the first skiers on the slopes (and have access to fresh powder).
5. More Time Skiing – Because you’re closer, don’t have to carry equipment, don’t have to walk to a lift, and generally get a head start on other skiers (and get to the lifts sooner), you’ll spend more time skiing and less time dealing with the hassles of getting to the slopes.

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