How to Get the Most Out of Our Personal Concierge Service

Every booking with Opulent Vacations includes our complimentary concierge service. This unique perk means our guests can plan less and enjoy more of their trip. We spoke with a few of our incredible concierges from around the country about all the advantages this service offers. They shared a few tips on what to request before and during your trip so that you can relax and take full advantage of your time away!

Conversation With Our Concierges

Refrigerator stocked with fresh food by Utopian concierge service

What are the services you find that benefit our guests the most? What gets the best responses?

The consensus is in. Grocery and ski equipment rental delivery are guest favorites. Both services save travelers so much time. They can check-in and get ready to hit the slopes or come home to all their favorite foods after a long day of travel. Something is relaxing and luxurious about having time-consuming tasks like this handled before you even walk through the door. Please note, for our team to purchase groceries or schedule activities, we must have a current credit card on file.

How does the grocery service work?

If you want a stocked kitchen or bar upon your arrival just reach out to your concierge or the guest services team at least 48 hours before check-in. Include a list of items and preferred brands (including a few alternatives). When you show up to your luxury rental the cabinets, bar, and refrigerator will be stocked with your preferred items.

How does ski equipment rentals work?

We work closely with Ski Butlers Ski Rentals in Park City. This highly rated service will reserve the exact gear that you want, fit you and your guests at your rental, offers rental replacements if there are any issues, then, they will come to pick it all up when you are done. No more long lines at the ski rental shop and no more wasting valuable time on the slopes. Plus, all Opulent Vacations guests receive 10% of the entire service!
Private chef preparing dinner in gourmet kitchen

What services do you wish guests would use more often?

Our director of guest services said she wished guests would take advantage of personal chefs more often. It is a unique and exciting experience. Also, guests should reach out more for restaurant, bar, and event recommendations if it’s their first time in the area.

Personal Chefs

Chefs like on The Elements chef services team can have one of their chefs come to your rental to prepare a custom meal right in front of you. Our long-standing relationships with incredible local businesses allow us to find the best, uniquely diverse, locally sourced options, and most importantly, their food is insanely delicious.

Concierge Recommendations

All our concierges live locally and can send you to the best spots in town. Concierges can be reached by email, text, or phone and work diligently to respond quickly to all guest requests. They can help you avoid the hype and tourist traps so that you can enjoy the very best of any destination.

What is it that the concierge service can provide before your stay?

As mentioned, we think that guests should take advantage of time-saving perks like equipment and grocery delivery before arrival. We also strongly suggest making restaurant reservations, that you book your activities, and schedule ski lessons in advance, especially for holiday stays.

Restaurant Reservations

The top-rated restaurants in town can book out months in advance. Don’t quite know where you want to dine yet? Ask our team. They know the best up-and-coming restaurants and are happy to place reservations on your behalf.

Book your activities

During the busy season, excursions and activities book up fast, such as snowmobilingsnowshoeing, dog sledding, and much, much more. You don’t want to miss out due to the high-season crowds. Our team can help you coordinate and schedule the best activities in town with vetted providers that we trust. Once again, saving you time and taking the stress out of vacation planning.

Ski lessons

Lessons from the best instructors book out way in advance. If you have kids or first-time skiers/snowboarders in your party, you will want lessons. Proper instruction means that everyone in the group can safely enjoy their time out on the slopes. Our team can help you select and book the best instructors in the area.

Woman enjoying a massage and spa treatment

What can the concierge service provide during your stay?

Anything. The concierge team is there to make sure that everything goes smoothly during your trip. They can restock towels, help with restaurant and event recommendations, childcare, grocery delivery, massages, transportations, fitness instruction, the list goes on. They are also there to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.

Our talented team has been trained to round out the edges of your trip. We want you to unwind and truly enjoy your time in your Opulent Vacations home. Take a look at our incredible inventory and reach out to our reservations team with any questions.

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