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Why Use a Vacation Rental Marketer?

  • Why not just market and manage your luxury rental property on your own?
  • What is the benefit of handing over the reins to a Vacation Rental Marketer?
  • How will this affect when and how you can use your home?
  • Can you really make more money, even with a commission split?


We’ve heard the story over and over again. Owners take on the management of their rental properties. They post their homes on rental sites, hire cleaning companies, they even find employees to greet their guests for check-in. And then, bookings start to come in.
They have to handle all communications with guests before and during their stay. Which can be a lot. If the owner lives in a different location, they’re not able to do thorough checks of the home after each guest departure. Easily managed damages, that should be covered by guest insurance, can get out of control. Employees don’t show up. The cleaning isn’t up to snuff…on and on.


Renting out their vacation home was intended to be PASSIVE INCOME. They quickly realized that it is a full-time job.

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Why partner with Opulent Vacations as your Vacation Rental Marketer?
  • Opulent Vacations has entire teams devoted to overseeing properties full time
  • We have vetted housekeeping partners, property management partners, employees, and a guest services team
  • Our teams are in the homes on a regular basis to protect your asset
  • We know what adds value so you can charge a premium for your home
  • Our sales team takes your personal goals for your rental property and tailors a unique market strategy 

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How is Marketing with Opulent Vacations Different?

Opulent Vacations has been marketing high-end, luxury rental homes since 2011. We know the kind of value that draws distinguished lodgers.

The rental marketplace is flooded with competitors. We have a world-class marketing strategy that pinpoints our niche demographic. This makes it easy for potential guests to find our luxury rental homes.

Not only will we market your home, but we also provide every aspect of the guest experience from booking to checkout. Once your home is in our care, you can enjoy your property as you always have, all while knowing that it is generating income and being closely monitored while you are away.

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Get Real Exposure on Your Property

A fully booked calendar does not always mean higher value. After years of working in this space, we have adopted a quality over quantity mentality for ROI. Let us explain.

Many properties that have fully booked calendars focus on providing value to their guests by offering the lowest nightly rate. Their persuasion is in price. The ‘high volume’ approach is indeed a very effective marketing strategy, depending on your goals.
The goals of our owners, however, tend to be very different from the norm.
The main issues we have encountered with the ‘high volume’ approach is marked wear and tear on the home and less time for our owners to enjoy their properties. The whole point of having a vacation rental home is to enjoy a ROI and stay in the home whenever and for however long you want.
Old Town Park City penthouse with a rooftop yard.

Our approach is unique in this; homes in our collection are of notably higher quality than our competitors. 

From the location to the landscaping, appliances, finishes, and décor, everything is reviewed in person by one of our staff and must be high-end.

Our luxury services and the quality of the rental are the value that our guests seek. Due to this, as your vacation rental marketer we can charge a premium for the use of your space. You could have two bookings a month and far out-earn your ‘high volume’ competitors.
What does this mean for you? You have a greater potential return on investment with less risk and fewer incidentals to pay for along the way. Additionally, you can enjoy your vacation home far more often and with greater flexibility.


The Signature Opulent Vacations Concierge Service – What does it really add?

Our Concierge Service is not only valuable for your guests. This service is notably for our owners in two big ways:

1. The protection of your home

Every time a concierge is called to the property for a check-in, grocery delivery, or special request, they keep an eye out for any issues. Is the guest complying with our house rules? Is there an unauthorized event? Are there any leaks or plumbing issues?
Our concierges have been trained to monitor your home while maintaining our guest’s valued privacy. They also undertake a thorough post-departure inspection. If anything is found damaged or missing it will be addressed with the guest and paid for with the required travel insurance they purchased upon booking.

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2. Premier guest experience = better reviews = higher demand for your space

Before a guest checks-in, our concierge performs a pre-arrival inspection using a multi-point checklist unique to your home. They make sure that everything is guest-ready. Is the hot tub functioning? Did housekeeping follow their checklists?
We set out to ensure there is nothing that your guests need to worry about. In turn, they leave with nothing but great things to say.
The higher the demand for your property, the more we can charge for it. If there are 25 rave reviews for your listing that confirm our claims of quality and service, a guest is more likely to choose it over a similar property at a lower rate.

We offer world-class services to make your home stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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Premier Homeowner Experience – Luxury Travel from Your Own Home

Our owners have access to the same perks and services as our guests.
Many of our homeowners do not reside in the location of their vacation property. They are hardworking and have very busy schedules. When they do have time to enjoy their homes we are there to make sure they can relax the second their plane lands.
Homeowners need only to reach out to our owner services team with their needs. We will handle the rest.
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We provide services such as:
  • Schedule pickup to and from the airport
  • Home delivery of bar essentials and groceries before arrival
  • In-home massages, fitness instructors, ski butlers, and spa services
  • Reservations for events, activities, and restaurants
  • Private chef services
  • Much, much more…


See What Our Owners are Saying

“We have used several different property management companies over the years and none has lived up to the standard of Utopian. They have been able to find the sweet spot between revenue and overbooking our house by only finding top-notch guests wanting to experience the best. I wish we had known about Utopian years ago.”


“We’ve enjoyed working with Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes. The monthly income/expense statement for our home is accurate and easy to comprehend, and the online owner’s tools provide valuable real-time insight. The team at Utopian is always available and responsive to phone calls and emails. Their pro-active management and marketing style is a perfect fit for us and we would recommend Opulent Vacations to anyone looking for a vacation rental manager.”


“Michael Thomas at Utopian has been great to work with over the past couple of years. He has been extremely responsive and has helped us in many different ways with both our house and condo in Park City. We have been through a lot including a broken water pipe and flood in the house due to some faulty workmanship in the original construction. Utopian helped all throughout the process and was able to relocate reservations without a hitch.

Michael and the Utopian team supported us while we were originally outfitting our house in so many different ways and treated us like guests while we were staying at the properties. Mike is a true professional and is always looking for ways to improve our investment. Jill and Junior have also been great throughout the last couple of years. We would definitely recommend them if you are looking for someone to manage your investment property.” 


We do not think that you should have to compromise when it comes to working with a vacation rental marketer.
The ‘owner first’ approach is not the norm in our industry. We want our owners to have complete flexibility when it comes to enjoying their vacation homes.
Other marketers place restrictions and blackout dates on owners’ calendars. Blackouts on using YOUR OWN home. We think this is absurd.
We would not have a company without our valued owners and the homes that they take such pride in.
This is why we have built our company on ensuring that our owners come first. This is not flattery or lip service. It is a sustainable business model.

We would love to see if your home is a good fit for our inventory.
Come experience the Opulent Vacations difference. 

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